Hybrid Coaster

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The Hybrid Coaster is a wooden roller coaster with steel tracks capable of twisting and performing inversions.


The Hybrid Coaster's track was implemented in OpenRCT2 v0.3.2 which could be accessed by enabling "allow arbitrary ride type changes" in the ride cheats menu at the time, but can also be enabled in Object Selection (require the cheat menu to be enabled in the options menu). Until the Hybrid Coaster Trains were implemented during v0.4.1's development, the train that came closest to the design of the Hybrid Coaster Trains was the Wooden Roller Coaster's Articulated Roller Coaster trains. New special track elements for it were implemented in v0.4.2 that the Hybrid Coaster can use are Zero G Rolls and Large Zero G Rolls.[1]

Half Zero G Rolls (left or right) can be performed from an up-sloped track, which inverts the track. Another half Zero G Roll ends on a downslope. The larger variations are performed from an up-steep track and another large half Zero G Roll ends on a down-steep track.

The medium-sized variations are 3 straight track units long and 1.5 m (5 ft) tall while the large-sized variations are 4 straight track units long and 10.5 m (35 ft) tall.

Besides the new special track elements, Hybrid Coaster supports other twisting inversions such as Barrel Rolls, Launched Lift Hills, steep chain lift hills, sloped turns to bank, 90° vertical drops, and long steep to straight tracks.

As of April 5, 2023 during the development for v0.4.5 of OpenRCT2, large sloped turns were implemented in the Hybrid Coaster and Single Rail Roller Coaster,[2][1] allowing players to make 45° large upward or downward turns while sloped up or down respectively, banked or unbanked.

Special Track Sections[edit]

  • 'S' Bend (left and right)
  • Large helix (up and down, left and right)
  • Small helix (up and down, left and right)
  • Brakes
  • On-ride photo section
  • Barrel Roll (left and right)
  • Launched Lift Hill
  • Quarter Loop
  • Block brakes
  • Zero G Roll (left and right)
  • Large Zero G Roll (left and right)


  • Maximum track slope - 90°
  • Maximum height above ground - 210 ft (63 m)


  • Hybrid Coaster Trains: Roller coaster trains with lap restraints, capable of steep drops and inversions (4 passengers per car, 3–6 cars per train)

In Real Life[edit]

The Hybrid Coaster in OpenRCT2 is based on Rocky Mountain Construction's (RMC) variation of the hybrid roller coaster, which is a type of roller coaster with wooden tracks and steel tracks, giving riders a smooth experience of twists, drops, rolls, and turns. The track used by the OpenRCT2 Hybrid Coaster is based on RMC's I-Box track.

The first hybrid roller coaster developed by RMC is New Texas Giant, which was opened at Six Flags Over Texas in 2011, which replaced the wooden roller coaster Texas Giant. Some other well-known RMC hybrid roller coasters include Outlaw Run (2013) at Silver Dollar City, Iron Rattler (2013) at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Twisted Timbers (2018) at Kings Dominion, Steel Vengeance (2018) at Cedar Point, and many more. As of December 2022, RMC has developed 25 roller coasters of various track models including I-Box steel track (which OpenRCT2 may be based on), Topper wooden track, Raptor steel track, and T-Rex steel track.



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