Cash Machine

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A Cash Machine (also called ATM in RCT3) is a stall guests use if they run low on funds to resupply themselves with money. These are very useful in pay-per-ride parks, as they allow guests to get more money to spend in the park, rather than having to leave once they spend all the money they brought with them. Plus, they allow the player to raise their rides' admission fees.

The ideal location of an Cash Machine depends on the type of park: in pay-per-ride parks, they will be most useful near the entrance to an expensive ride, while in pay-per-entry parks, they will have more use near a food court or near the park's entrance.

If Cash Machines are not present, guests who have spent all their money will see no point in staying in the park and will return home, which can impact, if not prevent, the scenario's success.



  • In RCT3, if you look closely at the ATM's medallion, you can see that there is a very early RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 logo from around late 2003 to early 2004.
  • Much like the First Aid Room, the ATM in RCT3 is accessible from all sides at once, while in RCT2 it was only accessible from one side. In both games, multiple guests can come and refill their wallets at once.
  • The Cash Machine wasn't available in Roller Coaster Tycoon 1, which caused additional complexity in many scenarios as players had to plan for guests only being able to stay for a limited time in their park.
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