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OpenRCT2 is a free and open-source recreation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (RCT2) that incorporates some features from the original RollerCoaster Tycoon (RCT1) that were removed in RCT2, while also fixing some issues present in the official games, and incorporating changes seen in RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic (RCTC). In addition, OpenRCT2 adds several unique features, such as cooperative multiplayer and a built-in cheats menu.


Development of OpenRCT2 was started on 2 April 2014 by Ted 'IntelOrca' John, with the project making steady development progress due to the efforts of other volunteers contributing towards its development. In order to keep the game playable and testing easier, OpenRCT2 called into the original RCT2.EXE for functions it did not yet have itself, replacing these functions bit by bit with its own code. On 15 October 2015, this process was finished, making the game independent (except for graphics, sounds, and objects), and easier to port to other systems.

Comparison with Official Games

OpenRCT2 aims to continue where RCT2 left off, making it an update to RCT2 in a similar way RCT2 acted as one to RCT1, or how Loopy Landscapes acted as one towards the base installation of RCT1. Unless otherwise noted, most information on this wiki about RCT2 directly applies to OpenRCT2 as well.

As OpenRCT2 continually updates, it receives new features, fixes, improvements, and changes. It also carries over elements seen in RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic such as boosters that were on RCTC's Giga Coaster and Junior Roller Coaster and applies them here. Compared to the original games, the gameplay is also rebalanced in several ways such as how much money the guests would pay for rides at max depending on their stats and age has been recalculated.

  • For example, in RCT1/RCT2/RCTC, a guest would pay a maximum of £16/$16 for a newly-built Corkscrew Roller Coaster with an Excitement of 6.42, Intensity of 5.43, and 4.36 but in OpenRCT2, guests would pay a maximum price of £15/$15 for it. However, at higher stats (such as 8.43 Excitement, 6.90 Intensity, and 5.43 Nausea), a guest would pay a maximum of £19.20/$19.20 for a newly-built Corkscrew in RCT1/RCT2/RCTC but the maximum price has been raised to £19.60/$19.60 in OpenRCT2.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 used a save file format (.sv6) with limitations such as 255 rides & shops/stalls in a park and 1,000 guests in a queue line. While OpenRCT2 can support this save file format, OpenRCT2 removes those limitations with a new save format (.park) as of version 0.4.0. This update also included support of save files from RCTC. OpenRCT2 also supports RCT1 save files.


OpenRCT2 is available for Microsoft Windows (Vista and higher; Windows XP support was dropped since v0.0.5[5]), Linux[1], macOS[2], FreeBSD[3], OpenBSD, and Android[4].

OpenRCT2 has two release branches: the "Develop" branch, which is updated up to multiple times a day with builds that incorporate new features and changes, but may be unstable; and the "Release" branch, which is updated every few months with a stable build of the game that incorporates the changes and additions of all builds released in the "Develop" branch since the previous build in the "Release" branch.

Due to game-breaking bugs on "Develop" branch builds being fixed relatively quickly by the development team, it is quite safe to play OpenRCT2 using the latest build in the "Develop" branch (especially with the auto-save function enabled). One of the third-party OpenRCT2 Launchers is widely used to automatically install game updates.

Key Features

  • Native support for modern versions of Windows, macOS, Linux and other operating systems
  • Support for widescreen resolutions, giant screenshots of the whole map
  • Fast-forwarding the game
  • Auto-save function
  • Online multiplayer for co-op play
  • Improved and extended language support, over a dozen languages available
  • New rides, vehicles, scenery, objects, music (since v0.4.3), paths, terrain, colours (since v0.4.5), etc.
  • New special track pieces and additional special tracks for certain roller coasters (such as large half loops on the Vertical Drop Roller Coaster, re-introducing some removed RCT1 track features like boosters, and new track pieces large corkscrews and Zero-G rolls on OpenRCT2's newly implemented roller coasters)
  • Ability to import RCT1 and RCTC (as of v0.4.2) saves and scenarios
  • Various fixes for bugs in the original game and improvements
  • Optional convenience features like automated staff placement and shops snapping to paths
  • Built-in cheats menu and in-game hacks
  • Custom Title Sequences
  • Custom User Interface colouring
  • OpenGL hardware rendering
  • Support for user-created plug-ins (as of v0.3.0)
  • New save file format with many increased limits (as of v0.4.0)

Click here for a full changelog of all features, fixes, and changes in OpenRCT2.

New objects added in OpenRCT2

These objects implemented into OpenRCT2 that are not in the original games can be found in the Object Selection's advanced menu (filter "OpenRCT2 Official"). The "OpenRCT2 Official" list also includes reimplementations of objects exclusive in official downloadable content that was not presented in the main games or expansions.


Roller Coasters

Stations styles

  • No entrances — This station theme makes ride entrances and exits invisible but keeps the default station theming.
  • No entrances, no platform — Besides making ride entrances and exits invisible, the station's platform and railings are also invisible. Only the black metal plating below them is visible.


OpenMusic is a side project implemented in OpenRCT2 with the purpose of adding a new and alternative, high-quality soundtrack to OpenRCT2 alongside the original games' soundtrack. Karst "Jalmaan" van Galen Last is the primary composer for OpenRCT2's original soundtrack, but other artists such as Herman Riddening's 35er Voigt (previously known as The Bressingham Voigt) and Allister Brimble[6] contributed to OpenRCT2's original soundtrack.

  • Acid style "Airtime Junkies" by Jalmaan[m 1] (added in v0.4.3)
  • Blizzard style "Snowbound (OpenRCT2 Edit)" by Silver Aura, Jalmaan, Greyfade[m 2] (added in v0.4.4)
  • Dodgems beat style 2 "Bumblebeat" by Bumblebeat[m 3] (added in v0.4.3)
  • Extraterrestrial style "Style of the Extraterrestrial" by Jalmaan[m 4] (added in v0.4.4)
  • Fairground organ style 2 by Jalmaan & Herman Riddening's 35er Voigt[m 5] (added in v0.4.5)
    • 0.flac unidentified
    • "Granada" by Agustín Lara
    • 2.flac unidentified
    • "El Capitan" by John Philip Sousa
    • "Mussinan Marsch" by Carl Karl Ludwig von Mussinan
    • "Berliner Luft" by Paul Lincke
    • "Die Schönbrunner" by Joseph Lanner
    • 7.flac unidentified
    • "Frühlingsstimmen, Op. 410" by Johann Strauss II
    • 9.flac unidentified
    • "Unter dem Doppeladler" by Josef Franz Wagner
    • 11.flac to 16.flac unidentified
    • "Colonel Bogey March", a traditional British march by Kenneth J. Alford
  • Galaxy style "Pandora" by Jalmaan[m 6] (added in v0.4.3)
  • OpenRCT2 Title Theme "Main theme for OpenRCT2"[m 7] by Allister Brimble[6] (added in v0.4.6)
  • Prehistoric style "The Ancient Lands" by Flyxxpy[m 8] (added in v0.4.5)
  • Ragtime style 2 by Jalmaan[m 9] (added in v0.4.5)
    • "Dill Pickles Rag" by Charles L. Johnson
    • "Something Doing Rag" by Scott Joplin
    • "New Era Rag" by James Scott
    • "Peacherine Rag" by Scott Joplin

Scenery objects

ToonTowner's scenery pieces based on Simon Foster's designs (21 objects)

  • Small Scenery
    • Base Block
    • 3 Glass Roof pieces
    • 17 Roof pieces

Mama Bear's scenery pieces based on Simon Foster's designs (1 object)

  • Walls/Fences
    • Wall with Passageway

Couger's scenery pieces based on Simon Foster's designs (2 objects)

  • Walls/Fences
    • 2 Wooden Post Wall pieces



Footpath Surfaces

  • Invisible Footpath
  • Invisible Queue

Footpath Railings

  • Invisible Railings


  • Void — This piece of terrain mimics the dark gray coloring of the empty background to make tiles visually appear to be off the map


  • Pink water




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