Mini Golf

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Track design showing how to have no backed-up guests


A gentle game of miniature golf.


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Pre-built designs

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RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

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  • Garden Golf

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

Other Information

Track design in Rainbow Summit showing how to have no backed-up guests

The Miniature Golf ride can quickly become a hassle if one is not careful. As Prima's Strategy Guide said, "Guests may actually take advantage of your park by spending a lot of time on a low-income ride." Be careful with the holes D and E (the ones that turn), because those two take the most time for the riders to complete. (Note that E is not available in RCT1.) This ride can be easily be considered one of the least favorite by many guests, so think twice before building this type of ride in your park.

A skill to avoid 100-percent bottleneck due to hole D or E is placing either one of them when the track starts from the platform, so that the first guests use more time to depart from station and the second guest queuing will stay at the entrance until the first guests complete the first hole, which is D or E. That makes all guests to wait on queue line rather than seeing a lot of on-ride guests being stuck. That could be successful to have 75 percent satisfaction. Therefore all guests are being held at queue line. If players feel that there is too few guests being entered, build more holes (any kind) to enrich the ride content. Do not place queue line too long (usually 1-2 grid is enough) to limit number of guests to enter this ride. Place entertainer at queue if waiting time is more than 6 minutes.

Mini golf rides have a disproportionately high ride running cost that can easily eat into ride profitability. Running costs per hour for even a modest mini golf course are higher than operating costs for all but the largest roller coasters.


  • This ride is called Mini Golf in RCT2 and Crazy Golf in RCT3.
  • Hole A is a cul-de-sac, Hole B is a zig-zag, Hole C is a rectangle with three enclosed paths, and Holes D and E are hairpins.
  • Occasionally, guests 'celebrate' whenever they score a hole-in-one. (Putting their ball in one stroke.)
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