Multi-Dimension Roller Coaster

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Sitting in seats suspended either side of the track, riders are pitched head-over-heels while they plunge down steep drops and travel through various inversions.

Special Track Elements

  • Banked Helix
  • Block Brakes
  • On-Ride Photo
  • Quarter Loop
  • Seat Rotations
  • Twist
  • Large Half Loop (RCT3 Only)


  • Banked Curves - 50° banking
  • Maximum Track Slope - 90°
  • Maximum Lift Hill Slope - 25°
  • Maximum Height - 195 Feet


Pre-built designs

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

Build menu only
  • X

Other Information

Incredibly difficult coaster to design. To avoid financial difficulties and time limits, only attempt to design one in the Rollercoaster Designer or Sandbox Mode. The rotating seats feature does not affect the ride ratings.[1]

Special Uses

This ride can be used to create an Intamin ZacSpin-esque coaster using 8 cars per Trainer. Simply use the "toggle chain" command in the trainer on a vertical track section to create a vertical lift, then use a combination of quarter loops and steep track sections to create the narrow (1 by X) layout.

In Real Life

This type of coaster is called the 4th Dimension roller coaster, originally built by Arrow Dynamics. The first of this type is X2 (formerly X) at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Newer versions of these are built by S&S, such as Dinoconda in Dinosaurs Park, China.

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