Reverse Freefall Coaster

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Car runs on steel girder tracks. The car is accelerated out of the station, along level track using Linear Induction Motors. It then coasts up the vertical section of track, and free-falls backwards down the track to return to the station.

Special Track Elements

  • On-ride photo section (OpenRCT2 and RCT3 only)


  • Maximum Track Slope - 90°

Stat Penalties

  • Highest drop height - 82 ft (25 m)
    • If missed, all of its ratings will be reduced by 50%.


Operating Modes

  • LIM powered launch

Pre-built designs

RollerCoaster Tycoon

Build menu only
  • Force Nine

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

Build menu only
  • Force Nine
  • Rocket Rush

Other information

  • The ultimate speed of this ride is controlled by the length of straight track - to achieve maximum speed, a very long length of acceleration track must be built before the slope upwards.
  • The ride is called Reverse Whoa Belly/Freefall Coaster in RCT1.
  • Track loops are not allowed on this ride.
  • Reverse Freefall Coasters are immune to brakes failure breakdowns.
  • The Reverse Freefall Coaster's overall efficiency decreases with a longer track design. 11 straight track pieces (one of them cannot be an on-ride photo section or the car will not achieve a high enough maximum drop height) plus a 125 ft (38 m) tall vertical spike of track (one slope up to vertical plus two vertical track pieces) is the shortest possible track design without any stat penalties.
    • In OpenRCT2, this can be further enhanced with the Reversed Trains option, which boosts the ride's ratings by a small amount.
  • Unlike other coaster types, the Reverse Freefall Coaster features different ride rating multipliers, with 44 for excitement, 66 for intensity (the highest of any ride type so far in the game), and 10 for nausea. This means that it is possible to charge the maximum of $20 for a short design, albeit only for up to 5 months since the ride's first opening and assuming it is the only ride of its type in the park.

In real life

  • There is currently one operating reverse freefall roller coaster in the world. One is a dueling version in Six Flags Magic Mountain (featured in RCT2). The other one formerly operated in Dreamworld Australia until its closure and subsequent removal in November 2019. Until 16 January 2011, none of the rides had the trains run backwards, as they returned facing forward. These where manufactured by Intamin AG.
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