Dynamite Dunes

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Built in the middle of the desert, this theme park contains just one roller coaster but has room for expansion.

Dynamite Dunes is a fairly simple scenario, being the second in the game. You have three times the amount of time than you did for Forest Frontiers, for a slightly larger guest requirement. There's some room available for roller coasters and other rides, and the hills are good practice for building rides underground, which is always a handy skill to have.

The park can mainly be expanded towards the dunes ahead of the park entrance and around Dynamite Blaster, the pre-built roller coaster, where the land is more flat. Dynamite Blaster is a very good ride, though it is difficult to use the design in other scenarios, as it is built partially underground. Be sure to construct brakes and corners separate from the station, as it has a chance of crashing around the 2nd year. Increase inspection time to every 10 minutes to keep this thrill ride working.

Pre-Built Rides:[edit]

  • Dynamite Blaster (Mine Train Roller Coaster)
    Dynamite Blaster
Excitement Rating: 6.65 (High)
Intensity Rating: 8.18 (Very High)
Nausea Rating: 5.18 (High)
Initial Pricing: $3.00
Age: New

Scenario Guide[edit]

You can read the Scenario Guide here.

Attractions Attractions 2D Icon.png[edit]

Transport Rides Transport Rides 2D Icon.png[edit]



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Small Monorail Cars RCT1 Icon.png

Small Monorail Cars
RollerCoaster Tycoon 1

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Streamlined Monorail Trains RCT2 Icon.png

Large Monorail Train
Streamlined Monorail Trains
RollerCoaster Tycoon 1

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Chairlift Cars RCT1 Icon.png

Chairlift Cars
RollerCoaster Tycoon 1

Gentle Rides Gentle Rides RCT1 Icon.png[edit]

Randomly selected[edit]

One of these will be available while the other will need to be researched



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Completed Parks[edit]

RCT Classic edition[edit]

Dynamite Dunes as included in RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic is largely unaltered from the edition described above. Ride upgrades are not researched in RCT Classic. Instead all of the upgrades are incorporated into the ride when it is first made available. For example, the Wooden Roller Coaster begins with both Vertical Loop and Water Splash available to use. The other differences in the Classic edition are limited to the lists of scenery and attractions. In addition to the available scenery listed above, the RCT Classic edition begins with two dead trees from Spooky Themeing available. In addition to the available attractions listed above this edition begins with Spiral Slide available as well. Research occurs in the following order: Classical/Roman Themeing, Go Karts, Information Kiosk, Ferris Wheel, Haunted House, Egyptian Themeing, Pirate Ship, Suspended Swinging Coaster, Mine Themeing, Chairlift, Chip Shop, Mini Roller Coaster, Junior Roller Coaster, Dodgems, Balloon Stall, Dinghy Slide, Stand-Up Roller Coaster, Cotton Candy Stall, Top Spin, Corkscrew Roller Coaster, Monorail, Souvenir Stall, Swinging Inverter Ship, Mini Suspended Coaster, Launched Freefall, Popcorn Stall, 3D Cinema, Pizza Stall, Space Rings, Circus. If research spending is set to maximum it will take until July 27, Year 4 for all research to be completed.

RCT3 Remake[edit]

Dynamite Dunes was recreated in RCT3 by Kevin Lucas. One version was created exclusively for use with the Soaked! expansion. Both can be downloaded here.

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