Mine Themeing

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This is a list of all the scenery items under the category "Mine Themeing".

Mine Themeing
Name Image Cost Size
Mine Shaft $175 2 x 3
Mine Hut $100 2 x 2
Mine Hut $100 2 x 2
Broken Wheel $5 ¼ tile
Wheels $5 1 x 1
Barrel $4 ¼ tile
Barrel $4 ¼ tile
Barrel $4 ¼ tile
Barrel $4 ¼ tile
Logs $4 ¼ tile
Junk $6 1 x 1
Wooden Sign $30 Path Item
Wooden Wall (RCT 2) (Custom Color) $4 Tile Edge
Wooden Wall (RCT 2) (Custom Color) $5 Tile Edge
Wooden Wall (RCT 2) (Custom Color) $8 Tile Edge
Wooden Wall (RCT 2) (Custom Color) $9 Tile Edge
Wall (RCT 2) $8 Tile Edge
Wooden Block (RCT 2) (Custom Color) $20 1 x 1
Roof (RCT 2) $20 1 x 1
Roof (RCT 2) $20 1 x 1
Litter Bin (RCT 2) $4 Path Item
Log Roof (RCT 1) $12 Landscape
Log Cabin Style Entrance / Station N/A Ride Entrance / Station


If you are playing with Loopy Landscapes installed, you'll also get the log cabin styled entrance and exit for rides.

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