Monster Lake

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The emblem of the scenario


Rumours of something lurking beneath the surface of Monster Lake have scared up interest in this water-park.  Get your teeth into the competition and unleash a monster park on the unsuspecting peeps!

Monster Lake is the 4th scenario in the Soaked! expansion pack for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.

Pre-Built Attractions[edit]

  • Sea Serpent Shuttle 2 (Sea Serpent Shuttle)
    • Excitement Rating: 6.35 (High)
    • Intensity Rating: 6.98 (High)
    • Nausea Rating: 5.27 (High)
    • Initial Pricing: $1.00
  • Water Based Transport 1 (Water Based Transport)
    • Excitement Rating: 2.62 (Medium)
    • Intensity Rating: 2.17 (Low)
    • Nausea Rating: 1.00 (Low)
    • Initial Pricing: $0.90

Pre-Built Shops/Stalls[edit]



  • Guests in park: 300
  • Minimum length: 160.00 m (524.93 ft), 2 coasters
  • Reward: New park unlock, Max loan increase


  • Total monthly ride income: $800.00
  • Reward: Small amount of cash ($1,000.00)


  • Guests in park: 600
  • Park Rating: 800, Sustain for three months
  • VIP (Bob Waterman), Wants to visit a swimming pool
  • Reward: Dragon (Sea Serpent Shuttle)

Scenario Guide[edit]

The scenario guide can be viewed here.

Available Rides[edit]

Roller Coasters[edit]








Available Shops/Stalls[edit]

Food Stalls[edit]

Drink Stalls[edit]

Souvenir Stalls[edit]


Available Scenery[edit]

Researched Rides[edit]

Researched Scenery[edit]

Other Notes[edit]

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