Monster Lake/Scenario Guide

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This scenario isn’t too difficult, if you keep the weather in mind. That is, because it’s Scotland, so expect it will rain, or rather pour, a lot. This means that umbrellas sell like hotcakes and you can get a nice profit from them. Just build a few information kiosks, and raise the price of the umbrellas a bit. The second thing which the weather will affect, are the rides. The guests won’t ride anything that has no roof while it’s raining (and it’s raining nearly all the time), so build only rides that have a roof, such as Mirror Maze, Ghost House Ride, Rotor, etc.

First of all, build another coaster. The enclosed flat green area near the entrance should be ideal for it, but try to not use up the whole area (for example have just the station there and build the track over the water.) I built a custom Junior Roller Coaster, but anything is fine as long as it fulfills the required length. Just try to not spend all of your starting cash on it. Then, price it (you also could price the pre-built Sea Serpent Shuttle as well). Sadly, it has a high chance guests won’t ride it in rain, so it won’t mean a too steady monthly ride income.

Start building flat rides that have roof, and price them. Soon you’ll get a quest about some Goth Rock band throwing a concert in town in two months and you are asked to have at least 4 goth (spooky) attractions that time. You already have two, so you just need build two other rides or shops near any of the ruined gothic buildings for a nice $5,000 cash prize and publicity boost. With your coaster and a few flat rides up and running, you likely already passed apprentice. If you have enough rides and they have good prices, you should pass entrepreneur, too. Soon, you’ll get yet another quest, this time about a very abundant pumpkin harvest and you should try shifting a ton of pumpkin pies before they rot on you. Build at least two Pumpkin pies stalls and try to complete the quest for a nice prize.

For the VIP, build a not too big pool complex, and ensure he visits it. The guests-in-park and park rating goals shouldn’t be too difficult, if you have a nice variety of rides and stalls. Just ensure that your park is clean (drop one janitor on the island with the Serpent coaster to clean up the area, then drop him on the other island with the ruined church and graveyard to clean that area too from the litter and vomit the guests left there, then drop the janitor back to the main area.)