Valley of Kings

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The emblem of the scenario


Egypt, the arid land of ancient intrigue, exotic spices ... and gut-wrenching rides! That's right, you're trading in your camels for coasters to lure these wealthy tourists out of the bazaars and into your park.

Valley of Kings is the 8th scenario in the vanilla RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.

Pre-Built Rides

  • Python (Junior Roller Coaster)

Pre-Built Shops/Stalls

  • Chicken 01 (Chicken)
  • Coconut Drinks 01 (Coconut Drinks)
  • Cookies 01 (Cookies)
  • Cookies 02 (Cookies)
  • Croctails Tropical Juices 01 (Croctails Tropical Juices)
  • Hot Cocoa 01 (Hot Cocoa)
  • Lemonade 01 (Lemonade)
  • Souvenirs 01 (Souvenirs)
  • Stripy T-shirts 01 (Stripy T-shirts)
  • A.T.M. 01 (A.T.M.)
  • Toilets 01 (Toilets)
  • Toilets 02 (Toilets)
  • Toilets 03 (Toilets)



  • Guests in Park: 300. Sustain for 1 month
  • Total monthly ride income: $100
  • Minimum length: 250.00 m (820.21 ft), Two coasters
  • Reward: New park unlock


  • Guests in Park: 450. Sustain for 2 months
  • Repay loan
  • Reward: Decreased interest rates (4.45%)


  • Guests in Park: 600. Sustain for 3 months
  • Total monthly ride income: $700
  • Minimum length 250.00 m (820.21 ft), Three coasters
  • Reward: Dicing with Death (Inverted Shuttle Coaster)

Scenario Guide

The scenario guide can be viewed here.

Available Rides

Roller Coasters








Researched Rides

Available Scenery

Researched Scenery

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