H2Oslide Bowl

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H2Oslide Bowl is a Pool Slide introduced in Soaked!. Guests will lay on mats and will go through the track filled with water. At the end, the track will stop and people will land in the Pool Complex.


Similar in terms of functions to the Dinghy Slide, this ride is exclusively built as a ride for swimming pools.

Special Track Elements



  • Bowl Left
  • Bowl Right

This track piece is the ending piece for the ride. Riders will spin around the bowl before splashing into the pools through the large hole at the middle.

Flume End

  • Flume End

This track piece also ends the ride. Guests will fly off the track and land in the pools. [1]


  • Funnel Left
  • Funnel Right

This is another track piece that ends the ride. People will move from left to right and exit the hole, and plunge into pools.


  • S-bend
  • Banked curves
  • Banked S-bend
  • Slide End to Lift Hill Left
  • Slide End to Lift Hill Right
  • Large Helix
  • Small Helix
H2Oslide Bowl (dark blue) intertwined with Aqua Blaster Slides (turquoise).


  • Banked Curves - 30° banking
  • Maximum Track Slope - 90°
  • Maximum Lift Hill Slope - 60°
  • Maximum Height - 134.83 Feet (41.10 m)


  • Standard mats
  • Rubber rings

Other Information

  • Ensure that the ride ends in the swimming pools, or else riders will crash and the ride will be closed.
  • This ride is free for guests. The park cannot earn any direct profit from it, but the price of the tickets to enter the pool compex it is part of may be increased.
  • Repairs to this ride are done from within the changing room used to enter the pool complex.

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