Valley of Kings/Scenario Guide

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Pause the game, pay off the small loan to eliminate paying interest payments, and lay down some janitors and maybe lay out some paths for them. Two janitors would probably do (adding janitors to keep a dirty park clean is the easiest and #1 way to raise your park rating and total guests), train them at least twice and they won't get unhappy. Lay out one mechanic now too. Right at the bottom of the hill was where I saved for my other two 820'+ coasters, Mining Mayhem and The Dip. If you don't like the idea of prebuilt designs, you can also build a log flume on the cliffs at the back of the park. Besides a log flume here acts like a giant guest magnet, just be sure to make a short queue line. You can choose any you want, but those are cheap and have a small footprint. Don't buy them now though, because they are expensive OR if you want a cheap coaster, build a log flume on the cliffs at the back of the park. Open your research bar and if you want to save some bucks early, take it down to $100. Also eliminate funding for silly things you don't need like paths, other rides and attractions, transport rides, scenery, show elements, and pool slides and rides. These can be turned off in every single challenge you take on, because you are given enough on every challenge not to have to waste valuable funding money on these things. Since you have enough shops, you can probably turn down that funding too. Then build four or five thrill/junior/gentle rides along the back edge (opposite the entrance hill) of the park. They are very cheap and can oftentimes bring in just as much ride income as an expensive coaster. You can reach even the tycoon requirement for ride income easily this way. Wait for some extra money to keep running your way (you can even charge up to 0.20 for the bathrooms), adding janitors or mechanics or training your existing ones if they get unhappy, then buy your two extra coasters that fit the requirement, which is a very easy requirement.