Mineral Park/Scenario Guide

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Scenario finished by sucinum
Mineral Park is quite similar to Pokey Park from the original campaign, in the way that the player will quickly feel pressured by limited space. It's a good idea to save some room, therefore, compact roller coasters are the way to go. Players may also consider building tracked rides on the borders to save space, and digging them across the side cliffs. Knowing how flat rides do stack up, is also a valuable tool here for space saving.

The best start would be placing some small Gentle Rides on the side, with a food court nearby. To get a good Park Value, players will have to build roller coasters, and Steel or Wooden Wild Mouses are the way to go, since these two roller coasters tend to have high excitement ratings for only a little footprint. To transport guests up and down, players can rely on Chairlift, but Log Flume or Splash Boats also work well. Chairlift will also work wonders, along with Vertical Drop Roller Coaster, for transportation of guests from side to side, and Steel Corkscrew Roller Coaster for all-around transportation.

Due to the impending complexity of path layouts in such a terrain, Mineral Park will most likely require lots of staff (especially mechanics) to keep problems at bay. Patrol Areas, however, are a potential threat here and can turn against the player if set improperly or in a hurry : it's better to leave staff unpatrolled here, or to take the actual time needed for each player to consider the best possible patrol areas for maximum efficiency.