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Climate is the general weather pattern within a scenario in the RollerCoaster Tycoon series. Climate determines how hot or cold, and how wet or dry the scenario's weather will be. Climate can affect a scenario's success, and should not be taken lightly.

Roller Coaster Tycoon 1

Original Scenarios

The original scenarios in Roller Coaster Tycoon introduce 3 climates: Warm, Cool and Wet, and Hot and Dry.


The "Warm" climate is the most common of the 22  original scenarios. The Warm climate features comfortable temperatures, and moderate rainfall. The starting temperature for a scenario using the Warm climate is 62F (17C). The Warm climate made it's first appearance in the "Forest Frontiers" scenario, and is used in 13 of the 22 original scenarios.

Cool and Wet

The "Cool and Wet" climate is the next most common climate. It features more rainfall, and cooler temperatures than the Warm climate. The starting temperature for a scenario using the Cool and Wet climate is 55F (13C). This climate can sometimes hurt a park's success due to some guests refusing to ride outdoor rides while it is raining. It is suggested while playing in a park that has the Cool and Wet climate, to try to build more indoor rides outdoors, and to build custom rides at least 40% underground(that way they count as an indoor ride so guests will go on them in the rain). The Cool and Wet climate made it's first appearance in the "Katie's Dreamland" scenario, and is used in 5 of the 22 original scenarios.

Hot and Dry

The "Hot and Dry" climate is the least common climate. It features less rainfall, and hotter temperatures than the other two climates. The starting temperature for a scenario using the Hot and Dry climate is 62F (17C). It is suggested while playing in a park that has the Hot and Dry climate, try to build more water rides, as guests want to ride water rides even more than usual. The Hot and Dry climate made it's first appearance in the "Dynamite Dunes" scenario. It only appears 3 times in the original game, all of which are the desert themed parks.

Each Scenario's Climate

Here is every original scenario from RCT 1 and its respective climate.

Scenario Climate Used
Forest Frontiers Warm
Dynamite Dunes Hot and Dry
Leafy Lake Warm
Diamond Heights Warm
Evergreen Gardens Warm
Bumbly Beach Warm
Trinity Islands Warm
Katie's Dreamland Cool and Wet
Pokey Park Warm
White Water Park Warm
Millennium Mines Cool and Wet
Karts & Coasters Warm
Mel's World Warm
Mystic Mountain Cool and Wet
Pacific Pyramids Hot and Dry
Crumbly Woods Warm
Paradise Pier Warm
Lightning Peaks Cool and Wet
Ivory Towers Cool and Wet
Rainbow Valley Warm
Thunder Rock Hot and Dry
Mega Park


Added Attractions Scenarios

The same 3 climates appear in the Added Attractions expansion pack for RCT1. All scenarios except Future World, Thunderstorm Park, and Utopia Park use the "Warm" climate. Future World and Utopia Park use the "Hot and Dry" climate, while Thunderstorm Park uses the "Cool and Wet" climate (hence the name).

Loopy Landscapes Scenarios


The 3 original climates return in the Loopy Landscapes expansion pack for RCT1 along with a new climate called the "Cold" climate. The cold climate is much like the warm climate except that the temperatures are significantly lower. The starting temperature for a scenario that uses the cold climate is 48F (9C). The cold climate only appears 3 times in the Loopy Landscapes scenarios, and all 3 scenarios are Snow/Ice themed scenarios.

Each Scenario's Climate

Here is every scenario within the Loopy Landscapes expansion pack and its respective climate.

Scenario Climate Used
Iceberg Islands Cold
Volcania Warm
Arid Heights Hot and Dry
Razor Rocks Hot and Dry
Crater Lake Warm
Vertigo Views Warm
Paradise Pier 2 Warm
Dragon's Cove Warm
Good Knight Park Warm
Wacky Warren Warm
Grand Glacier Cold
Crazy Craters Hot and Dry
Dusty Desert Hot and Dry
Woodworm Park Cool and Wet
Icarus Park Hot and Dry
Sunny Swamps Warm
Frightmare Hills Warm
Thunder Rocks Hot and Dry
Octagon Park Warm
Pleasure Island Warm
Icicle Worlds Cold
Southern Sands Hot and Dry
Tiny Towers Warm
Nevermore Park Warm
Pacifica Warm
Urban Jungle Warm
Terror Town Warm
Megaworld Park Cool and Wet
Venus Ponds Hot and Dry
Micro Park Warm
Fort Anachronism Warm
Alton Towers Warm
Heide Park Warm
Blackpool Pleasure Beach Cool and Wet

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2

The same four climates were brought back into RCT 2. When a player is creating a scenario, he/she can pick from one of the four climates for the scenario. The player can also change the climate of a scenario unlike in RCT1. The player must select the scenario they wish to change from the list of scenarios in the main menu screen. Once the scenario is open on screen, the player must go to the save game option, and save the game. Then the player must return to the main menu and click on the toolbox, and select the "Convert Saved Game to Scenario" option. Then the list of saved games will pop up, and the player needs to select the file they saved the game as. Once that is done, the player will be taken into a scenario editor mode where he/she can tweak certain options in a scenario, one of them being climate. If a player creates their own scenario, the temperature will always start at 62F (17C) regardless of the climate.

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

More climates were introduced in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, but some of them are themed climates. There is a mountain climate, a spooky climate, a jungle climate, and more. This makes a scenario more unique.

Test results of an identical park with different weather zones. Tested period: 1. march - 31. october in the 1st year

Sunburn options: In test park guests can use each 1 sun cream and  1 information stall (umbrellas for rain/sun), maximum 60 peeps in park.

- Temperate

Random weather scenario

- Spooky

7,86% sun - 50,21% cloudy/bright - 16,29% rain - 8,29% heavy rain - 17,35% thunderstorm (41,93% total rain) ~5% sunburn

- Plains

46,88% sun - 53,12% cloudy/bright - ~5% sunburn     no rain

- Martian

72,24% sun - 27,76% cloudy/bright - 25% sunburn (highest uv-radiation)  no rain

- Winter

61,31% sun - 38,69% cloudy/bright - ~ 3% sunburn (sunburn counter in relation to sun largely disabled)  no rain

- Desert

87,96% sun - 12,04% cloudy/bright - ~ 8% sunburn  no rain

- Tropical Island

53,78% sun - 38,23% cloudy/bright - 7,99% rain - ~5% sunburn

- Mountain Range

35,58% sun - 34,23% cloudy/bright - 22,52% rain - 3,15% heavy rain - 4,52% thunderstorm (30,19% total rain) ~3% sunburn

- Alpine

39,83% sun - 52,11% cloudy/bright - 5,08% rain - 2,98% thunderstorm (8,06% total rain) ~5% sunburn

- Jungle

13,65% sun - 71,36% cloudy/bright - 2,64% rain - 12,35% heavy rain (14,99% total rain) ~5% sunburn

~sunburn = Estimated percentages on the bar

Effects on peeps

sun - sunburn counts up

cloudy/bright, rain, heavy rain and thunderstorm - sunburn counts slight down

rain, heavy rain - some peeps don`t visit attractions - mood counts slightly down

thunderstorm - many peeps don`t visit attractions - mood counts moderate down


  • In RCT1, the original pack contained more cool and wet scenarios than the expansion packs' scenarios combined, despite there only being 22 original scenarios and 64 expansion scenarios.
  • All "Real Parks" scenarios RCT2 used the Warm climate.
  • No matter what the climate is, the temperature will never go below 32F (0C), and never above 90F (32C). Each climate has its own boundaries, however.
  • For some reason, Megaworld Park has the "Cool and Wet" climate while it's prequel, Mega Park, had the "Warm" climate.
    • The Mega Park-Megaworld Park prequel-sequel is the only prequel-sequel to not have the same climate in both scenarios.
  • The temperatures in the "Warm" and "Hot and Dry" climates both start at 62F(17C).
  • The "far off worlds" scenarios most likely have the "Hot and Dry" climate because it does not rain on mars or other planets.