Volcania/Scenario Guide

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  • The Scenario Guide below is only a suggested strategy for completing this scenario—it may not work for all players.
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With a 1% interest rate on the loan, a $20K loan would only cost $20 a month. Knowing this should help players remove all their residual hesitation in borrowing as much as the bank can lend. This briefcase full of cash will prove most useful for starting the massive steel knot that is Volcania, and solving the loan isn't needed to complete the scenario.

1. The first coaster to finish is the Wooden Roller Coaster. Despite being the bulkiest of most, this should be the easiest one to finish since most of it is already built. A couple drops, eventually a loop, a few helixes near the water, block brake sections in RCT2 and the first of the five should be ready to open.

2. Once the first coaster's open, players should launch the park using some flat rides and stalls, then wait for the funds to grow.

3. Players should then build the Suspended Looping Coaster :

  • One option is to finish the drop out of the station and made a diagonal lift hill along the border of the park, then add a few special track pieces and continue the track back to the station.
  • Another option is to use the 'reversed-Incline launched shuttle mode', simply finish the the track with another corkscrew and half loop then let the track go up a steep hill towards the station, before building a short cable lift hill at the rear-end of the track. This is the cheapest way to finish this coaster.

Now the two coasters should be generating a relatively stable profit.

4. A handful of flat rides and a food court will then come in order. Another idea, for players who might have already expanded west (from the entrance) would be to complete a circle path around the volcano, path that would connect towards the wooden coaster's entrance.

5. Then comes time to finish the Steel Roller Coaster, which can be built almost completely underground. A couple large drops should give the cars the needed speed to reach the loop at the end of the given track, and booster sections should finish the job if needed. After this coaster's opened, the money should start rolling in.

6. The fourth coaster to complete is the Suspended Roller Coaster. This may be the hardest one because of the lack of banked curves (lack that is fixed in OpenRCT2), yet it thrives on helixes instead. This is the priority when finishing the ride. In this situation, any design goes, with the only constraint being in managing the helixes so that they're taken at reasonable speeds. To add to the challenge, the station's located on top of the volcano. Players will have to complete a path loop on top of it in order to connect the supended coaster to the rest of the park. Additional stalls and flat rides will help drawing crowds up.

7. Lastly, and only lastly, should players tackle the Steel Wild Mouse Roller Coaster. This is a good roller coaster to build last due to its sharp curves and steep drops that allow the final challenge of this park to squeeze in crowded spaces and tight spots left by the first three coasters on the eastern coast of the park (from the park entrance). This coaster will need tight squeezes and turns taken at decent speed, especially outside the volcano. Inside it, players should try to add surprise steep drops that would allow the track to intertwine with the other coasters.