Guest Thoughts

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Guest thoughts are thoughts that guests have during their time in the park. They could be related to the park, something the guest wants, or an object the guest is carrying. It is important to understand what guests are feeling, since Guest Moods affect the Park Value and Park Rating of the park. Clicking the Guests button and changing the mode to thoughts allows you to see the guests' most recent thoughts, as well as summarizing them and sorting them by popularity.

Here is a list of all the guest thoughts you may encounter.

Positive thoughts

Thoughts Description
"This park is really clean and tidy!" If your pathways are generally free from litter and vomit, your guests will have this thought.
"The scenery here is wonderful!" / "Great scenery!" Filling your park with loads of scenery will cause guests to compliment them.
"The jumping fountains are great!" If you place jumping fountains throughout your pathways, the guests will compliment them.
"<Ride name> was great!" "I enjoyed <ride name>." "I want to go on <ride name> again!" This thought occurs when a guest has just gotten off a ride at a high happiness level with a low amount of nausea. Guests often jump for joy and laugh when they think this thought, and will probably want to return to ride the ride again.
"<Ride name> is really good value!" / "This/These <item name> from <stall name> is/are really good value!" / "<Ride/item name> is a really good value." Your rides/stall items have been reasonably priced. You may also be given the "Best Value Park" award.
"The music is nice here." If you set your rides to music, guests may think this and compliment the music which rides play.

Informative thoughts

Thoughts Description
"I've already got a/an/some <item name>." Guests think this thought when they walk past a stall selling an item that they already own.
"I'm not hungry/thirsty." Guests think this thought when they walk past a food/drink stall and they are not hungry or thirsty.
"I've not finished my <item name> yet." Guests think this if they visit another food/drink stall, but are already carrying a food or drink item. The guest will not buy that item until they finish their current one.
"I want to go home." These guests may not be unhappy, but have had enough of your park and want to go home through the park exit. They will not ride any rides. In RCT2, their status will be "Leaving the Park". See the "I can't find the park exit!" solution below for more information on how to deal with these guests.
"I'm hungry/thirsty." If you get many guests thinking this, it probably means you do not have enough food/drink stalls in the park. Place some around the park to solve this problem, but be aware of the price of the food/drinks as well, since guests will not buy anything from the stalls if the prices are too high or if they are running short on money.
"I need to go to the toilet/bathroom." If you get many guests thinking this, it probably means you do not have enough toilets, or you have charged too high of a price for one. You will know when guests are thinking this because they will be running around the park, holding it in. Fix this quickly, because it affects the guests' mood.
"I feel sick/very sick!" Your guests are sick and will most likely vomit on your footpaths. Adding some benches can help them recover faster, though some may choose to walk around anyway. In all games they will recover over time, but if you are playing RCT2 or RCT3, you can add First Aid Rooms near rides that have a high nausea rating. The guests will also look sick if you click on them. The more their nausea bar is filled, the greener their complexion is.
"Just looking at <ride name> makes me feel sick!" The guest thinks the ride they are passing by looks too nauseating for them, indicating that they will not go on it.
"I'm running out of cash!" If guests are thinking this, then they're almost out of cash to spend in the park. This will likely occur if you set the park entrance fee too high, or make the rides expensive.
"I've spent all my money." Guests will run out of cash in RCT1 unless the park is set to infinite money or everything is free inside. It is probably best to either only charge for the rides/shops or the park entrance fee, but making more money is easier by charging both, but the catch is you will cause this thought to happen much faster. In RCT2 and RCT3, an Cash Machine Machine can help guests get money out, so build them when you have the opportunity. Either way, if guests can not spend any cash, they will want to go home, but they may come out of the park happy enough to return in the future again.
"I can't afford <ride or item name>." The guest does not have enough money to purchase the item or ride the ride even if they want to. Guests thinking this thought are running short of money. When thinking this, guests will look for money in their pockets at the ride/stall entrance. Guests who cannot purchase/ride anything usually go down in happiness, hunger and thirst very quickly, so have them leave the park as soon as possible if playing RCT1 or build more Cash Machine machines if playing RCT2 or RCT3.
"I'm not going on <ride name> while it's raining!" Your guest will not ride this ride while it is raining. This is most likely because the ride is outdoors. However, indoor rides become more popular during the rain. To balance things out, make sure you have some indoor rides so that guests thinking this will ride them instead so that you can still make money or popularize those rides. Once the weather stabilizes again, they will ride outdoor rides again.
"I'm tired/very tired." Your guest is (running) out of energy and is walking slowly around the park and is prone to leaving the park. This is often caused when a guest walks around the park for a long time without riding any rides. Try to build as many rides as you can around the footpaths to solve this problem. Guests may sometimes arrive in the park tired already, but riding enough rides usually wakes them up.
"<Ride name> looks too intense for me!" The ride's intensity rating is too high for the guest to ride. There is a strong chance you have opened a ride which has an extreme or ultra-extreme intensity rating. Guests will not ride any rides that have an an ultra-extreme intensity rating, and very few will ride them in the extreme range. Queues for such rides are empty. Lower the intensity of the ride by using banked curves, and making roller coaster trains go through inversions at reasonable speeds. The other possible cause of this thought is that all guests have a preferred intensity below 4.00 (see Gentle Glen). The intensity preference of guests will go up if they ride an intense ride without getting sick, so it is also a good idea to not place your most intense rides next to the entrance.
"I want to go on something more thrilling than <ride name>." Guests want to ride a more intense ride. This is, again, affected by the ride's intensity rating. If you are playing a scenario where guests only ride intense rides (see Adrenaline Heights), just build roller coasters and thrill rides. In regular parks, however, create a balanced combination of intense and gentle rides to please all guests.
"Help! I'm drowning!" The guest is in water and will soon drown (die). You can use the pinchers to save the guest. If the guest is low on energy or have high nausea, they will drown slower.
"Help! Put me down!" The guest has been held on the pinchers for an extended period of time. This will cause them to lose happiness faster. You should put the guest down on a footpath.

Negative thoughts

Thoughts Description
"I can't find <ride/stall name>!" Your guest can not find a ride or a stall they are looking for. See the "I'm Lost!" solution below for more information on how to deal with these guests.
"I can't find the park exit!" There are be many reasons why this thought occurs. If your park is very big with plenty of paths, chances are the guest is walking down the wrong path, since the AI of the game is simplified to only directing the guests towards the direction of the park exit. Check to see if any paths near park exits are dead ends, or if there are any clumps of guests wandering back and forth along a section of pathway. Other reasons could be because of accidently deleting a path leading to the park exit, and you will most likely be notified by this in the Recent Messages bar with the message: Guest XXX is lost and can't find the park exit. If guests are going down the wrong paths, try adding some No Entry banners to prevent them from going the wrong way. If all else fails, you may have to pick them up individually and place them with the pincers on the Guest window screen, although this method is rather time-consuming. It is important to solve this problem as soon as possible, as the park rating plummets when more guests get lost.
"I'm not paying that much to go on/for <ride/stall name>!" If you notice a ride with no queue lines or a shop with no sales, it is likely because its price is too high. For rides, looking at the excitement rating is a good way to determine what the price should be. Low rated rides will usually be cheap, while roller coasters are usually higher priced. Regardless of this, every ride requires lowering of prices with age.
"The vandalism here is really bad!" Your park has broken objects scattered on the paths due to vandalism. To fix broken objects, rebuild them over the broken ones with the scenery construction tool. Also, hire some security guards around areas with lots of path objects that are in danger of being vandalized (e.g. near exits of roller coasters and shops/stalls), taking into account the fact that vandalism is directly caused by heavy littering. If a park has enough satisfied guests and clean paths, this issue does not occur.
"The litter here is really bad!" Your park has too much litter on the footpaths. Empty the litter bins or add more into the park. Hence, more handymen with narrow patrol areas around food courts and thrill ride exits are required. Heavy littering directly causes vandalism.
"This path is disgusting!" Guests think this thought when they step on too many tiles filled with vomit. This thought can drastically lower guests' happiness and cause vandalism, so clean the paths up with handymen as soon as possible. Some guests will lift their foot in disgust if they step on a tile filled with multiple vomits.
"It's too crowded here." Your park does not have enough footpaths for the amount of guests that are currently in your park. Either add more footpaths or balance the number of guests with queuing paths and rides. Guests slowly get unhappy if they walk into crowded areas too much. This can also occur when you advertise too often or when many guests leave a ride at the same time.
"I'm lost!" Your park has either too many paths or is very large. This does not necessarily mean that the guests want to go home, but they might be struggling to navigate around your park. This thought is triggered after a guest has been trying to reach a goal for a certain time, so there are cases of guests complaining about being lost, even though they are close to their goal. Adding Information Kiosks can help to prevent this, but building more direct paths to rides and stalls and avoiding bridges and/or underground passages intersecting with each other is advised. In RCT1, paths should never be more than one tile wide, as the inferior AI is confused by thicker pathways. In RCT2 and RCT3, the limit is two tiles of width. This thought may also occur if the guests are found in an area without a footpath. See Evergreen Gardens and Amity Airfield for examples of parks where guests are easily confused.
"I want to get off <ride name>!" Either your ride is too long, or something has gone wrong with it. A ride ridden longer than 5 minutes will cause this, but if the guests have been queuing for a while, their patience is lowered even further, so try to balance the queue length with the ride length. This may also happen due to a mechanical failure, such as cars getting stuck on lift hills for too long, or are just stuck due to cars bashing into each other (common in water slides and one-car roller coasters). Ferris Wheels set to more than one rotation cause this as well. If the rides are permanently stuck, close the ride fully by double clicking the stop function and then reopen it. Make sure there is always a mechanic nearby and set frequent inspections.
"I'm not going on <ride name> - It isn't safe!" Your ride has crashed and guests have witnessed or heard about it. Even after you fix the ride and get a successful test run, guests will still think this and will not be prepared to risk their life to ride it. Despite this, some guests still take their chances and ride it, but it usually takes a couple of months before most guests lose their fear. Demolish the ride completely or try closing it for a few months and reopen it. If you see a ride is about to crash (common in water slides), close the ride completely by double-clicking the stop function and reopen it.
"I've been standing/queuing for <ride name> for ages!" These guests have been queuing for a long time for one of your rides. The queue length is too long or the ride is taking too long to exchange new and old guests. Add an Entertainer and set a patrol along extended queue lines. This way, guests' happiness will not drop as significantly as before. Also consider shortening the queue time to less than 10 minutes - guests held up for a long time are not spending money that they could be elsewhere.
"Aaargh!" / "I'm hot!" / "Run for it!" / "That was close!" / "Zoiks!" In RCT3, a guest or staff member will think this if a crashed ride vehicle goes near them.
"Help!!!" / "Aaargh!!!" / "Ouch - that hurts!" / "I'm not having a good day..." In RCT3, a guest or staff member will think this if they get hit by a crashed/exploding ride vehicle.

Miscellaneous thoughts

Thoughts Description
"I have the strangest feeling someone is watching me!" / "Is someone watching me?" If you leave a guest's window on for a long period of time, they will eventually think this.
"What is that little white thing?" / "He he, that tickles!" / "Stop bothering me!" In RCT3, if you click on a guest while their window is open, they will have the first thought while their gaze follows your mouse pointer. If clicked on again, they will laugh and think the second one. If clicked on enough times, they will try to shoo away the pointer while thinking the third thought.
"Wow!" if you name a guest John Wardley, he will think this whenever he goes on a ride. (RCT1 and RCT2 only)
"Wow, a new ride's being built!" In RCT2 guests may decide to watch the construction of rides that are near pathways and take a few photos.
"I can see my house from here!" A guest will think this when they are being held by the pinchers, on a tall mountain, on a tall ride (Observation Tower, etc) or at the top of a lift hill.