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Mechanics are one of the types of staff seen in all games.


Mechanics are staff members that appear in each of the RollerCoaster Tycoon games. Their duties are to inspect the rides for safety, and fix them when they break down. A mechanic will inspect a ride as often as a player sets it to (i.e. 10 minutes, 1 hour, etc.), or when called using the "call mechanic" button. Assuming there is more than one mechanic hired, the one closer to a broken down ride will answer a radio call and head towards the aforementioned ride to fix it, but only mechanics with the ride in their patrol area. Players can move the mechanic to the ride using the pincers, but the mechanic's status will return to "walking". However, they will answer another radio call shortly after. This generally takes longer, but can be combined with pausing and the "call mechanic" button to cause fater repairs when the mechaincs are far from the ride. In the first two games, they go to the ride's exit, using one determined by the ride in question, and changed by some breakdowns. In RCT3, however, the mechanics always go to a specific ride entrance to fix or inspect the ride.


In RCT1, they cost $55 a month to be employed. In RCT2, they cost $80 a month. In RCT3, the default wage is $55, and can be changed to $45 or $65.