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List of scenarios in the .sc6 format, that are featured in RCT2 and add-ons, RCT Classic or custom-made by players. Scenarios are maps on which the gameplay takes place, combined with a goal and options.
They can be considered to be the "levels" of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. In the first game, it was the only mode to play, but in the sequel various modes and editors are included.
Each scenario is either an empty park for you to build as you please (with land already purchased), or a pre-existing park (with rides, stalls, and guests already present) for you to improve. Some scenarios also have one or more special constraints, like no marketing allowed or no landscape modification allowed. Scenarios can also be created by users with the Scenario Editor and be played without further modification.
Each scenario in RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 belongs to a group of a similar kind. The first three groups contain the normal scenarios increasing in difficulty (see list below). The last two groups contain the Six Flags Parks, either already build ("Real" Parks) or totally empty (Other Parks) while the fifth group also contains user-created scenarios.
These groups are:

  • Beginner Parks
  • Challenging Parks
  • Expert Parks
  • "Real" Parks
  • Other Parks

RCT Classic features an own scenario grouping of its scenarios which come from the first two games and their add-ons.


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