Vanilla Hills/Scenario Guide

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Scenario Guide

  • The Scenario Guide below is only a suggested strategy for completing this scenario—it may not work for all players.
  • The General Scenario Guide and Hints and Tips articles may also provide helpful information in completing this scenario.
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You'll start off this scenario with two rides (Top Spin (Tumbler) and the Suspended Swinging Coaster (High Flyer)), a large garden, and $10,000 (of which $5,000 is loaned). Start off by hiring one more janitor and one more mechanic, and a single week's ad campaign in the national newspaper to help bring in people. You should pay off the loan in its entirety, as you should only take out loans when you've run out of cash, because at the start, every penny counts, and interest is taking away those pennies.

Start by placing some small rides close to the exit, such as a Merry-Go-Round and some Dodgems, Also consider building a small Cheshire Cats ride (if you can't be bothered building one yourself, use one of the designs available to you). This should help start you off.

Don't forget to place an Information Kiosk beside the entrance. Place a Toilet close to the first rides in your park, along with an Cash Machine. Finally, adjust prices relative to the rides' ratings. Be sure to listen to the guests! Within about 5 minutes, you've passed the Apprentice level!

Entrepreneur and Tycoon levels are just more of the same. At this point, you should be earning in and around $400 per month. Invest this in new rides. Any income you get, put new rides up. This should increase the peeps in your park, and your park value. Don't forget food and drink stalls! You should Tycoon this level within 30 minutes to 1 hour.