The Complete Objectives List

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In each scenario, there's usually an objective you have to complete. These goals can vary from having a certain number of guests in the park or building a certain numer of roller coasters. This page will gives an overview of all the possible objecives to encounter from RCT to RCT 3.

Roller Coaster Tycoon

"To have at least X guests in your park at the end of October year X with a park rating of at least 600."

The most common of the objectives, first introduced in Forest Frontiers. In order to bring guests in the park, build new rides for example. The park ratinghas to be kept good shape in order to keep up the guest spawning. Once the required number of guests and park rating is reached, the player needs to wait until the the deadline has passed or, when using OpenRCT2, the player can speed up the game or enable the early scenario completion option. If there are not enough guests in the park or the rating has dropped below 600 when the deadline passes, the objective is failed.

"To achieve a Park Value of at least $X at the end of October year X."

A less common objective introduced in Diamond Heights. Increase your park value by building rides, but their value will deteriorate over time, so they need to be replaced at some point. Keep building until the deadline.

"Have Fun!"

A special objective that appears in Mega Park. As the objective gives the freedom to do whatever thing with the park. A park with this objective can neither be won or lost.

"To have 10 different roller coasters operating in your park, each with an excitement value of at least 6.00."

Introduced in Coaster Crazy, the main goal here is to build 10 different roller coasters with an excitement rating of at least 6.00. In order to succeed, players should use the terrain, scenery and other rides to their advantage and build when the budget allows for it. It is not possible to lose a scenario with this objective and there is no time limit given.

"To finish building all the partially built roller coasters in this park, designing them to achieve excitement ratings of at least X."

This kind of objective first appears in Volcania in which five incomplete roller coasters need completion with a certain excitement rating. Much like the objective above, the coasters' surroundings are of advantage in order to get the desired excitement rating. While in the original RCT scenarios there is a limited budget for these scenarios, in RCT2, this type of objective appears only in no money scenarios. Like above, losing isn't possible.

"To have at least X guests in your park. You must not let the park ratingdrop below 700 at any time!"

First appearing in Arid Heights, this goal is similar to the first objective, but without a time limit. Instead, the park rating must not drop below 700. If it does, a warning informs that the park rating has to rise above within 4 weeks or the park will close (which means scenario failure). It can not be re-opened since the park open/close buttons aren't visible. The objective originally only appeared in a no money scenario, but in RCT2, this objective appears in a regular money park. The flag button to open/close the park will be grayed out then. A park with this objective can even be lost if it already has been won before!

"To have a monthly income from Ride Tickets sales of $X per month."

Introduced in Vertigo Views, these scenarios, require to build a lot of rides in the park (mainly roller coasters). Remember to decrease the ride entrance prices over time as the rides get older. Ride ticket totals have to be the required amount for at least four months to win.

"To have 10 Different types of roller coasters operating in your park, each with a minimum length of X ft/m2 and an excitement value of at least 7.00."

The goal is similar to the 10 different roller coaster objective, except there is a higher excitement rating and a specific length to be surpassed as well. Introduced in Octagon Park, the usage of surrondings make for an exciting roller coaster, but it may probably take many in-game years to earn the money to build all these rides in the original RCT. The only scenario in RCT2 with this objective is Ghost Town, where the minimum length is 3,937 feet (1,200 meters).

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2

"To repay the loan and achieve a Park Value of at least $X."

It's similar to the park value objective with the addition of the loan repayment. Bring in lots of money and use it to build rides and repay the loan. This objective first appears in Gravity Gardens.

"To achieve a monthly profit from food, drink and merchanidise sales of at least $X."

This objective first appears in Bumbly Bazaar and is similar to the monthly ride tickets objective, but this time dealing with shops/stalls. Build shops with good profits preferably on highly frequented paths.

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 features a different selection of objectives, due to the ability to fast forward and complete the objectives at any time. Additonaly, there are three to six objectives per scenario, classified by three different difficulty levels: Apprentice, Entrepreneur, and Tycoon.