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Project page for the RollerCoaster Tycoon series Scenario Project.

Project Membership

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Project Discussion

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This project aims to:

  • Compile a list of all pre-created scenarios in RCT1, 2 and 3 (including expansions)
  • Create new scenario pages where none exist currently
  • Add scenario images to all scenarios
  • Add all scenarios to their proper categories
  • Scenarios should all be categorized as scenarios, but also from the base game they originate from, and from the expansion pack they originate from (if applicable).
  • Include necessary information on scenarios, making the scenario pages a genuine hub of information for all RCT series scenarios.


Create new Articles
  • Using the scenario list available here, create pages for all scenarios that currently lack a page.
  • Create pages for scenario categories, when needed.
Categorize Scenarios
  • Edit the information in the {{Succession}} template on scenario pages, to include the name of the game, so the template correctly links scenarios, and adds scenarios to their respective categories.
  • Create categories for scenarios from RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 and 3 expansion packs (Wacky Worlds, Time Twister, Soaked! and Wild!)
Standardize Scenarios
  • Add {{Scenario}} and {{Succession}} templates to scenario pages, including new pages, and correctly fill in information.
  • Make all scenario images on all pages the same size (250px)
  • Add {{Sgreminder}} template to all Scenario Guide sections.
Clean up
  • Bring pages in line with the Manual of Style (MoS)
  • Clean up spelling and grammar, improve sentence structure throughout.
  • Fix broken templates, links, and pages.
  • Fill all sections on all pages with as much scenario information as possible
  • Compile lists of all available rides, scenery/theming objects, etc
  • Provide necessary scenario information - maximum allowed loan level, price to purchase land, special building rules, special marketing rules, etc.
  • Provide useful images when available
  • Create useful scenario strategy guides
  • Identify and fill scenarios noted with a {{Stub}} or {{Stubsection}} template.

Applicable Articles

  • All articles found on this list: Scenario List
  • Any article that is not on this list, that should be.

Applicable Categories and Templates