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Hello everyone!

It was about 2005 when I got to know RCT. I played the first game (without expansions) from then on and focused on improving my parks and playing them like a sandbox rather than playing through the scenarios quickly. A long time I was happy with the game and unaware of expansions and sequels, but imagine my joy when I found out! :)

Today, I own an RCT3 edition with both expansions on CD and on Epic Games. My old RCT1 CD is too worn(!) to work anymore. Because of that, I bought the first two PC games of the series on Steam. That means, I own RCT1 Deluxe and the RCT2 Triple Thrill Pack alongside RCT3. To play RCT I use OpenRCT2 nowadays for the many enhancements it offers to the player.

As much as this great game series I love real theme parks and rollercoasters can't be too spectacular for me. Sadly, my rather low nausea tolerance prevents me from riding these as often as I'd like to... But I still hope it gets better one day.

I really appreciate the collaborative work on wikis and being a part of that. But as I have a lot of other interests/games and my full-time job, only few time is left to me for making edits on this RCT Wiki. So, you, please feel free to help building the wiki better and better - just like your parks!

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