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Flag of Canada.png This user is Canadian


Games & Expansions


RCT1-JewelCaseBoxArt.jpg This user owns RollerCoaster Tycoon 1


Rollert2.jpg This user owns RollerCoaster Tycoon 2


Rollercoaster-tycoon-3-windows-other.jpg This user owns RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
Soaked!.jpg This user owns the Soaked! expansion pack for RCT3
Wild.jpeg This user owns the Wild! expansion pack for RCT3


Other RCT Stuff

RCT1-JewelCaseBoxArt.jpg This user has been playing RollerCoaster Tycoon since 2006


Steam Trains RCT1 Icon.png This user's favorite transport ride is
Miniature Railway
Gentle Rides RCT1 Icon.png This user's favorite gentle ride is
[[Haunted House]]
Roller Coasters RCT1 Icon.png This user's favorite roller coaster is
[[Flying Coaster, Stand-Up Twister Coaster, and Floorless Coaster]]
Thrill Rides RCT1 Icon.png This user's favorite thrill ride is
[[Go Karts,Launched Freefall and Top Spin]]
Water Rides RCT1 Icon.png This user's favorite water ride is
[[Dinghy Slide and Log Flume]]
Shop & Stalls RCT1 Icon.png This user's favorite stall is
[[Pizza Stall, Drinks Stall and Toilets]]
Traditional Park Entrance RCT2 Icon.png This user's favorite scenario is
[[Evergreen Gardens, Rainbow Valley, and Mel's World (RCT1), Extreme Heights(RCT2), and Scenario Editor Sandbox (RCT3)]]
Theme.png This user likes [[Jurassic Themeing]]

Nausea & Intensity

Nausea4.png This user's nausea tolerance is
Stand-up Roller Coaster RCT2 Icon.png This user's preferred ride intensity is 10 or more (Stand-Up Roller Coaster)

Scenarios Completed[edit]

RCT 1[edit]

Before 2012, I can only beat Forest Frontiers, Until I know how to do It, I completed every scenario except for Mega Park, It's only objective is to have fun, there is no way to beat it, though It is a reward for beating the all the other scenarios, especially thunder rock, I do have high functioning autism though.


  • Forest Frontiers (Failed a few times, Could only beat pre-2012)
  • Desert Dunes (Failed a few times pre-2012)
  • Leafy lake (Failed a few times pre-2012)
  • Diamond Heights (Failed a few times pre-2012)
  • Evergreen Gardens (Failed a few times pre-2012, First time getting over 2000 Guests)
  • Bumbly Beach (Failed a few times pre-2012)
  • Trinity Islands (Completed in first try)
  • Katies world (Learned park value, Completed in first try)
  • Dinky Park (Completed in first try)
  • Aqua Park (Waterslide Crashed, Completed in first try)
  • Millenium Mines (Completed in first try)
  • Karts & Coasters (Completed in first try)
  • Mel's world (Completed in first try)
  • Mothball mountain (Find it the hardest scenario in the game, Completed in first try)
  • Pacific Pyramids (Yup, 4 years, Very easy scenario, Completed in first try)
  • Crumbly woods (Deleted the old rides and replaced it with new ones, Completed in first try)
  • Big Pier (2 years :D, Completed in first try)
  • Thunder Peak (Completed in first try)
  • Ivory Towers (A wasteland fixed, Completed in first try)
  • Rainbow valley (Limited Space D:, Most Money, Completed in first try :D)
  • Thunder Rock (Low Money, Angry Guests D:, Completed in first try)

Corkscrew Follies[edit]

Doesn't own

Loopy landscapes[edit]

Doesn't own