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T-Shirt Stall

About me[edit]

Hi, my name is Eric Slingerland, I'm from The Netherlands, and I've been playing RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 for about 11 years now. I'm currently busy trying to finish every single scenario on RCT1, including the ones that came with the Loopy Landscapes expansion pack, with the highest comapany value possible. My highest yet is the one on Magic Quarters, I got a company value of over $512.000 there.

I have finished all the levels in RCT for the first time, finally.

I like contributing to this site, because I think some people might want some help on a couple of the hardest parks, like Harmonic Hills, Fiasco Forest, Mothball Mountain (Mystic Mountain), Micro Park etc.

Cheers, !NSAN3

My favorite scenarios[edit]

RCT: Mel's World & Crumbly Woods.
CF/AA: Utopia & Fiasco Forest.
LL: Southern Sands & Micro Park.