Urban Park/Scenario Guide

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A completed Urban Park scenario WITHOUT buying any land nor advertising. This was done on OpenRCT2 by YouTuber, Marcel Vos.

Top priority here is to expand Urban Park, as it is tiny. Players can build tracked rides like roller coasters and transport rides above the houses, but support costs can make this expensive. Set research to maximum and roller-coasters only at the start of the scenario; you don't have access to any launched or reverse-incline coasters at the start, but can quickly get access to the Corkscrew, Looping, and Inverted coasters, which can all be used to make compact designs. By only making coasters using the Wild Mouse variants, launched coasters, and possibly the Virginia Reel you can fit at least one roller-coaster into each patch of purchasable land (possibly two into the large lower left section), and can often fit a flat ride (Gentle or Thrill ride) into each section as well. Avoid other coaster types (such as the Wooden coaster, as they don't have the tight turns of the Wild Mouse coasters or the no-lift hill options of Corkscrew/Looping coasters, and thus take up a lot more space.

Urban Park has a pretty modest guest goal, so simply building a small coaster in each section and building flat rides and stalls in the extra space should reach the guest goal (it's worth noting that stalls also add to the soft guest cap, so adding stalls, which only take up 1 tile, to open spaces left after building rides can be a good way to eke out more guests). The "low guest goal in exchange for high challenge" nature of this scenario also makes advertising more powerful than usual in this scenario, since the guest generation from advertising is fixed.

An important note is that the Merry-Go-Round already in the park has the queue tiles going to the ride's exit instead of its entrance riders will want to get off before finishing (queue times will also be very long as well).

According to Youtuber, Marcel Vos, it is entirely possible to clear this scenario without buying any land NOR advertising your park. A video on how to accomplish this can be found here.

Scenario finished by sucinum