Three Monkeys Park/Scenario Guide

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Those who only played through the original RCT scenarios may be intimidated by the high guest requirement of this park. However, the three large and well built Steel Coasters, along with a lot of space to expand, make this goal quite easy to reach.


First, players should pause the game and adjust their research priorities to shops and stalls, as no food stalls are available at the start. Funding, as always, should be pushed to the max. RCT2 & OpenRCT2 players, as well as RCT1 players not willing to charge a gate fee, must increase the admission fees of the three coasters to their excitement rating, rounded down. Initial guests will be gone long before October Year 3 anyway. Now comes the time to unpause the game and build several Information Kiosks, as well as all flat rides available, before adding "no entry" signs to any dead end or unused pathes, to keep guests from getting lost. In RCT1, this is a must-do.

Once the Hot Dog and Fries Stall are available, players can set their research priorities to thrill & gentle rides. The Steel Coaster will be more than enough by itself to fulfill the coaster needs this park will gather.

The guests who visit the park carry about $60 each. To keep them from leaving too soon, a certain range of flat attractions, as well as food and drink prices, should be kept cheap (at or near default values). Towards the end of the scenario, making some of the less exciting rides like the Crooked House free would keep guests happy even after they have spent most or all of their money, and therefore keep them in for a month or two. This may do the trick for players slightly short on guests. Advertisement is an option here, especially for players who managed it well.