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This scenario was finally a bit of a challenge. But on the other hand, it is easier than it looks. I simply cleared everything and placed some premade roller coasters (2* wild mouse, 1* mini coaster) and then kept adding all of the gentle and thrill rides.

While the start looks bland, you get the very best rides from research. The first roller coaster you discover will be the Steel Roller Coaster, so you can add a Shuttle Loop or something similar, which alone can draw in 100 or more guests. Building two of them synchronised is even better.

Also you will get all of the thrill rides where you can build multiple variants: you can and should build 2 Whoa Bellies, 2 Motion Simulators, 3 Cinemas and 3 Gravitrons. Each operating mode is basically a ride of its own.

A second or third Go Carts isn't too much either (short tracks and 4-5 laps for a driving time of about 1:30 is optimal) and if you have room left, add some small water rides.

Guests will storm your park then! I had about 1150 on the first try with a firm value of 48500 and think I can do better. Sucinum 08:26, January 4, 2012 (UTC)