Swamp Cove/Scenario Guide

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Scenario finished by sucinum
At the very start of the scenario, the player should adjust Swamp Cove's research priorities to Shops and Stalls. The Drinks Stall will not be researched until approximately the end of the year. RCT1 players accustomed to Evergreen Gardens know what to do next and how to do it : disconnect the unnecessary paths in the outlying areas of the park to prevent guests from getting lost. Reducing the inspection times on Dexter & Sinister to 10 minutes and station a mechanic at the exit of each to prevent Station Brakes Failure crashes, will come next in order, even before building some less intense rides. RCT2, OpenRCT2 & RCT Classic players can make the two coasters safe merely by adding block brakes.

Once the Drinks Stall finally gets available, the player must build several of them right away, as guests will have most likely complained about being thirsty by this point, some of them surely already gone. Although much of the available real estate is taken up by the two Inverted Roller Coasters, the water and islands should give enough space for other large attractions. Players who continually expanded throughout Years 2 and 3 should reach their goal with surprising ease. Those who need a boost to either get the required guest numbers up at the end or to spur revenue growth early in the scenario, can always advertise.