Quantum's Edge

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Quantum's Edge is a 2018 custom-made scenario by BlazingEmpireHD that has gained popularity in the RCT community as one of the hardest scenarios possible to beat.


A freak radioactive disaster has left this area in ruins - alien like plants have grown, the water turned acid, the land is jagged and broken...but nevertheless, you have a park to make on this travesty.

The first challenge comes with the very limited space available. Buying more land is expensive and only covers the borders of the exclamation mark with the exclamation mark unable to be built on. There are no construction rights beyond the border either and no terrain can be edited in any way.

On top of that, park rating is much more hard to obtain and guests are really hard to attract with absolutely no options to advertise the park (which would make sense because of the conditions the area represents). On the bright side there is no time limit on this scenario, so it can be completed at arbitrary pace. However, it is extremely easy to fail this scenario in the first 2 months.


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