Pickle Park/Scenario Guide

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Due to the fact that advertisement is forbidden here, players will need to do whatever they can to have their guests leave happy. A good start would be building a Wooden Wild Mouse, since it's cheap and never gets old, accompanied by some gentle and thrill rides. For the sake of saving space and to avoid making guests unhappy, players must take extra care of their queue lines for all of their rides, so that their guests shouldn't have to wait longer than 5-6 minutes. Building tracked rides underground will save space and keep excitement ratings high, which is needed for most tracked rides, all except the Car Ride, Go Karts, and Crazy Rodent-type coasters, which should remain on the surface.

Exciting rides are a sure-fire way to attract guests, but not many roller coasters and Thrill Rides are available at the start, so those fields should be Pickle Park's research priorites for now.

Awards in this park are highly beneficial, as they work as ad campaigns, drawing more guests in. The "Best Value Park Award", as well as the "Safest Park Award", can dramatically increase the park's guest count, so achieving these should be the player's priority. Filling gaps with decoration will earn the "Most Beautiful Park Award" as well, and is easy to reach. Listening to the guests' comments to know what has to be done, will help keeping Pickle Park's rating high.Players short on guest numbers when deadline comes, whould try to cut their prices and make the entrance rides free, so that guests stay in.
Pickle Park - Finished

People are quite poor in this area, so the park fee should stay below $40, otherwise guests will be broke soon and leave much happier than they should. Having some free rides and also several free food and drinks makes the guests stay longer and leave happier instead of hungry, broke, and tired. A few well constructed coasters with high capacity can easily earn the money needed.

From trial and error, the last resort tactic is to put a "No Entry" sign to let no one leave the park, followed by making everything free to counteract the mad guests. Best used in August/September of Year 3. Not the best option (and the ethics are questionable), but it has worked.