Park Inspector

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The Park Inspector thinking about something.

The Park Inspector is a character that appears in RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.


The Park Inspector is almost desperate, as seen in the emblem of the scenario "The Money Pit"

When a park begins (in campaign or sandbox mode) a park inspector is the first person to be there. He cannot be fired or killed in any way, however his comments can be hidden.

His job in the game is to evaluate rides, attractions, stalls, Scenery, Animal Enclosures, staff, and Pool Complexes, and make sure guests have an enjoyable time at your park. He alerts the player about broken down, Crashed or problematic rides rides via the ticker message.


He resembles a balding older gentleman with brown hair, a brown suit and is always seen holding his clipboard. If he is in the pools found from the Soaked! expansion pack, he wears a purple body suit with yellow stripes, as well as a cap with goggles on.

The Park Inspector in his swimsuit