On-ride photo

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Several tracked rides in RollerCoaster Tycoon support on-ride photo segments. This is a special track segment consisting of a piece of straight track and a photo installation, which takes photos of riders as they pass through it. These photos can be bought when the guests leave the ride, allowing for a bit of extra profit. They are counted as merchandise in the finances window.


Limitations and bugs

  • Only one on-ride photo segment can be built per ride
  • The on-ride photo segment cannot be built underground, except in OpenRCT2.
  • The location of the segment has no effect at all - in fact, people will even buy on-ride photos if they didn't pass through it at all! (Easily verifiable when having separate exit and entrance stations and building one in between.)
  • RCT2 has a bug where it will reset the on-ride photo price if the player has checked 'Same price throughout'. This is caused by the fact that RCT2 has four different types of on-ride photo, making it possible for guests to buy more than one. A workaround is to temporarily check the box when changing the price, then unchecking it again. This bug is fixed in OpenRCT2.