Micro Park/Scenario Guide

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Micro Park finished with $46k park value. With 2 dueling wooden rodent coasters, 3 closed-loop launcher coasters, 3 open-ended launcher coasters, 5 vertical coasters and 10+ flat rides
Micro Park finished with $46k park value

A lot of research should be done on certain aspects of the game before starting this scenario. For instance, in this scenario, it comes in handy to know how high "flat rides" are and how high above ground you can build them. This is because a player will probably want to build 2, maybe even 3 rides on top of each other to save precious space! For instance, players can build a Roto-Drop on top of a Merry-Go-Round. When a "flat ride" is built 2 height-marks above ground, a Maze can be built underneath this ride. This way, a lot of space will be conserved. To beat the height restriction, you may want to do a little bit of landscaping so as to accommodate a footpath high enough to reach your sky-reaching coasters.

Try building a lot of paths, because all of the guests that come in will need some space. Also, build benches everywhere and queues as long as possible.

Scenario finished by Sucinum

When conserving space and planning ahead, players can go a long way with this scenario. Build a few roller coasters. With maximum funding in research, a Vertical Roller Coaster will be researched by the end of Year 1. That's good because this can be built very high, so it won't get in the way. Still, researching Thrill Rides first is recommended, so that the Roto-Drop will be researched.

As a final note: try to fill empty space with scenery. The "Most Beautiful Park In The Country Award" can be won very easily in this scenario, luring more guests into the park, and having some scenery also adds excitement to all of the rides in the park, which is helpful, since there's no way to build underground easily. Since Micro Park is essentially a version of Dinky Park and Mineral Park with less land but more time, it may be an idea to practice in the two other scenarios as a guide.