Jolly Jungle/Scenario Guide

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The main difficulty of Jolly Jungle isn't much the high guest count, but instead the trees and shrubs filling most of the space. Players have four years and plenty of invaded space for roller coasters. Tree removal is automatic from RCT2 onwards, but in both games it will cost money. As such, players should plan their expansion very carefully if they don't want to risk running out of money since March Year 1.

A good start would be building one small roller coaster, such as the the most solid choice available from the get-go, the Wooden Crazy Rodent (RCT1) / Wild Mouse (RCT2) , and with a custom design for money purposes exposed earlier. Hard mode option here would be a cheap Wooden Roller Coaster custom layout, which would however pay off if successful due to the coaster's high capacity and additionnal revenue from the On-Ride Photo section the competent player will never miss adding in any chance it gets. After that, a couple gentle rides and a thrill ride, as well as some stalls with correct park/ride admissions and one of each staff, and the park will be ready to open.

Players should then expand slowly, building more roller coasters and a few more flat rides whenever affordable. In RCT1, players will need a large amount of roller coasters to get 1,600 guests, much less in RCT2. Here, marketing will do the trick, with emphasis on Ad campaigns rather than free coupons.

Completed Parks[edit]

Jolly Jungle - Finished
Jolly Jungle by ElectroLlama, Jan 2020