Haunted Harbour/Scenario Guide

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Beating Haunted Harbour requires some calm, a patient build-up and a well-thought strategy. A few tips for starting up would include filling up the remaining places on the grass with flat rides, adding benches and litter bins, and building an Information Kiosk, with the umbrella cheat for a most welcome supplemental bill. Some players would remove the flowers for extra space, this isn't necessary and might impact the excitement ratings for nearby rides.

Then, would come time to set research priorities to thrill rides, at full funding. Once the remaining grassy space is developped, an extra coaster will come in order. Wooden Crazy Rodent & Virginia Reel would be good choices, since both require little space and are cheap to build.

The two rides that must be preserved are incredibly old and, thus, prone to breaking down. Ghost Train is 35 years old, and Woodpecker is an astonishing 68 years old. While both attractions suffer from high down-time, the old Roller Coaster's always at risk of a Station Brakes Failure crash in its starting configuration due to the speed in which the trains enter the station platform, so station a mechanic directly at the exit, with a minimal patrol area and 10 minute inspection interval to remedy this issue. Price fees for both these antique rides, must be set up according to both their age, and the park entrance fee.

Once, and only once, both the loan is paid off, and the space is filled, should the player start expanding the park, and slowly. The hills around the park do offer cheap opportunities to dig underground for tracked rides : the park will most certainly need at least one of its rides to be indoor and have high guest capacity, to deal with the rain. Since all the high-capacity steel coasters are unavailable here (except for the Stand-Up Coaster, which requires a carefully planned layout, and the very limited Mine Train Coaster, the most evident choice would be the Wooden Roller Coaster, making research on new rollercoasters a waste of time. That said, players still falling slightly short of guests towards the end, can always advertise.