Future World/Scenario Guide

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Future World - Finished

The player starts RCT's Future World with a Vertical Roller Coaster called Thunder Twist, a path going all the way around the park, and a Suspended Monorail connecting the far ends of the park with the entrance. A strong piece of advice would be to keep everything and start the gameplay by building a few gentle and thrill rides, as well as stalls. It is also possible, in the original game, to set a park entry fee instead of the ride admissions, a move that isn't possible in the RollerCoaster Tycoon 2's port of this scenario.

Basically, this scenario is not very hard. There's plenty of room for players to toy around and build exciting roller coasters, and a terrain far easier to work with, than the previous scenario. Reaching 1,500 guests will require a respectable amount of roller coasters, so planning ahead is required. Here, one good option among others would imply designing the park's coasters so that they travel around the park's edge. As always, building a new roller coaster once the money is in, is the strategy to follow. A nice Steel Wild Mouse Roller Coaster can be built for ~$5,000, which makes it a solid choice for early expansion. However, it is necessary to try to reach excitement ratings of at least 6.70 on these in order to attract a lot of guests, this without forgetting to add new gentle and thrill rides every now and then.

In the end, around 9-11 roller coasters open is a good target, and should bring a solid 1,500 guests without any difficulty. This amount is a bit lower in RCT2, but not by much.