Frightmare Hills/Scenario Guide

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First of all, consider demolishing Frightmare, as its intensity rating is very high. You can use the money from doing so to replace the coaster with several other coasters. If you keep it, remove the final sequence of inline twists.

Demolish or block off unused paths, then build some smaller coasters like the Wooden Wild Mouse and launched coasters to start generating revenue. As you can attract the first 1000 guests to your park normally to get money rolling in, you may wish to pull out your maximum loan at the outset to give your park a jump-start with some exciting roller coasters regardless of what you do with Frightmare. To attract more than 1000 guests, you will need to advertise, earn awards, or build roller coasters with excitement ratings of at least 6.00 and track lengths of at least 600 m (1968 ft) to do so.

Frightmare Hills (barely) finished by Sucinum.

Your guests are hard to please this time around, so you will need to be quick to address every problem they mention. Do not be afraid to add shops and stalls at every corner if your rides are sufficiently profitable. Keeping your park well staffed will help you keep your paths clean, rides in working order, and park rating high, which will in turn improve your odds of winning awards. Nevertheless, you may need to advertise, so consider running all of the available advertising right from the beginning of the scenario to the end to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Frightmare Hills (properly) finished by Sucinum.

If you do not advertise, you will need to build up your park with big roller coasters and do everything you can to earn awards, which can get expensive if you're not careful.