Fountain of Youth/Scenario Guide

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This isn’t a too difficult scenario, just try to not run out of cash. You can take plenty of loan if necessary, just mind the interest (14.9%). As long as you have some money in hand, it shouldn’t be too hard.

For apprentice, build a pool complex somewhere on the flat, sandy area for the VIP and some flat rides and food, drink, souvenir stalls and facilities to attract guests. You should be able to get the required 200 guests very soon and as soon as the VIP got fed up swimming in the pool and went home, you should have won apprentice. Just note the VIP’s low litter tolerance, so keep the park clean.

For the entrepreneur, add one water slide with a 4+ excitement rating to the pool complex. Aqua Blaster Slides or H2Oslide Bowl could be good choices, else, a custom one or a pre-made design, just make sure it has at least a 4+ excitement rateing. Build a coaster somewhere with an excitement rating of at least 6 (so it fulfills the tycoon objective, too). Having it on the opposite side of the entrance area of the pool complex could be a good idea, for that the pool doesn't steal all the possible guests from the coaster. I built a custom Corkscrew Coaster, but anything should be fine. Ensure the VIP rides it. Build more rides and shops to get the required amount of guests and you'll have passed entrepreneur. At some point, you also get a quest about some local insects’ swarming season due in two months, and that these can be repelled by having enough flowers in the park. The required amount is ridiculously huge, but note that about 3/4 of that is already fulfilled by the ton of flowers around the entrance area. Plant a bunch of small flowerbeds fast anywhere you want for some publicity boost.

Tycoon shouldn’t be too difficult either. For the VIP, ensure he rides the previously built 6+ excitement rating coaster again and you should be fine (just mind his low litter tolerance). The 600+ guests shouldn’t be too difficult either, with enough rides and shops, and possibly with the additional publicity boot for avoiding the insect swarm before. For the park rating, just ensure again (which is needed to get the required amount of guests anyway) to have enough - and a nice variety of - rides and shops and that the park is relatively clean. You should sustain the required park rating, as well as the 600+ guests for 3 months, and you won tycoon.