Dueling Coasters

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Dueling Coasters, or Racing Coasters is the term used when two or more roller coasters are placed right beside each other and start at the same time, usually ending at the same time, too. To build dueling coasters, construct two or more roller coasters with stations next to each other, and enable the Synchronize Adjacent Stations button (found here). The key thing is to have the first piece of station platform on the one station right next to the first piece of station platform on the other station. So this means that the stop-and-go-lights on both station platforms are right next to each other. There can be two station platforms facing the same direction this way, even with different lengths, or the two station platforms are facing opposite directions, as long as the first pieces on the station platforms are right next to each other. Either way will work.

When doing this on two separate coasters, these are called "Dueling Coasters" or "Racing Coasters" and they have different ratings on intensity, nausea and excitement. When one coaster is built, having two station platforms right next to each other, this is called a "Mobius Coaster".

This can not only be done with roller coasters, but with every type of tracked ride that features the Synchronize Adjacent Stations mode, but a so-called Mobius design can only be created with a tracked ride that allows multiple station platforms.


RollerCoaster Tycoon 1[edit]

See No Evil
Hear No Evil
Speak No Evil
Double Trouble (Woodchip Woodchip) (This is a so-called Mobius Coaster)
Grand National

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2[edit]

Rolling Thunder (track 1)
Rolling Thunder (track 2)
Collosus (track 1)
Collosus (track 2)

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Other Information[edit]

  • Sometimes one train will get a green light before the other, but the first one will always wait for the other one to get a green light as well, before departing from the station platform, so that they depart at the same time.
  • When one of the dueling rides is broken down, the other ride(s) will not synchronize with it until it is repaired. This prevents the riders on the other ride(s) from being forced to wait for the repair of the broken-down ride.
  • 6 Cool Mobius Coaster Designs in RCT2 - YouTube video by Marcel Vos