Wacky Warren/Scenario Guide

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The park looks rather confusing at first with most of the paths being underground. The paths can be addressed in two different ways : players can either leave them underground, or move them above the ground and play this park as normal. Before taking a decision here, players should be aware that leaving the path network below ground allows for freer ride construction, by removing most of the ground-level interference. Occasional exits can be thought of as in the entrance of Extreme Heights for excitement rating bumps.

As always, players should set the ride prices equal or almost equal to the ride's excitement rating. For example, if the ride has a 4.59 excitement rating, then charging $4.50 for the ride would help trigger the "Best Value Award", which will attract even more guests.

Expanding the park would here require careful planning and players should take time doing so, moving from the front of the park into the back. Wacky Warren allows building a large variety of rides as researching lasts all the way into year 8, and all of the different rides still contribute towards park's ride ticket profits. Building one or two coasters a year when the money is available would be a solid pace,and by keeping them small to medium-sized, but most importantly preferably have them intertwine with each other or other rides ; will grant the players massive profits by attaining much larger excitement ratings and therefore attracting more guests.

Scenario finished by RollercoastertycoonX.
By slowly expanding the park in all aspects, building a variety of popular rides, and keeping the guests happy, the objective will be reached. This scenario involves long-term playing and needs players to take their time, as the scenario's feel -despite its initial premise- is somewhat similar to Vertigo Views.