Victoria Falls/Scenario Guide

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Scenario Guide

  • The Scenario Guide below is only a suggested strategy for completing this scenario—it may not work for all players.
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This is a more difficult beginner scenario for Wacky Worlds than the other ones. In this scenario, you need to slowly build up your park to attain the $225,000 park value. When starting the scenario, change research priority to Shops and Stalls and wait until you obtain the First Aid Room. You can later change this to your liking, but include roller coasters in your funding, as they will prove important later. Start by building a basic path layout and place an Information Kiosk, Food/Drink Stalls, a Restroom, a Cash Machine, and some Souvenir Stalls. Since this is a free-ride park, you will need all the income you can get. Place both of the available thrill rides, and give them long queue lines, for they will become very popular. Be sure to also give them queue line TVs, or guests will complain about the wait times. Place one gentle ride and continue building paths down to the open space on your right. Build a small roller coaster of your choice, as saving space will be crucial to winning this scenario. If you need to take out a loan at this point, only take out what you need. If you take out a full loan, your interest will greatly hurt your profits later on to the point where you will lose more money than you gain. After this, you will have to slowly continue to build up your park. Building it all at once will make your park value skyrocket through Year 1, but it will slowly diminish around Year 4 to the point where it will be very difficult to bring it back up to $225,000. This means you must slowly add more rides to your park. About every 3-5 months, you should take out just a loan just big enough to fund a new ride or roller coaster, and any expansions necessary (i.e. removal of scenery). This will slowly increase your park value over time. As you continue to expand, don't forget to build more food/drink stalls, restrooms, etc. By Year 4, you should have a park value of at least $150,000. Around September, Year 4, take out your max loan and then build all the roller coasters you can. If you have little room for coasters, build more flat rides, especially thrill rides. This will then increase your park value well over $225,000 by the end of October. Never at any point in this scenario delete rides or stalls, as this will hurt your park value. Remember to save constantly too, should things take a turn for the worst. Enjoy!