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Junior/Family rides: Jeeps ride, Acuatic Carousel, Magic Carousel, Kiddie Bumper Cars, Galaxy Buzz, Robot Ship ride, Hully Gully, Spacial Carousel, Moto Scooter, Monza Circuit, Mini Ferris Wheel, Worm Train, Dumbo, Neumatic Train, Wacky Worm, Crazy Bus, Rabbit Carousel and Gasoline Karts

Thrill Rides: Kangaroo Bouncy ride, Wipeout, The Whip, Tornado, Aero 360, Swingshot, Calyspo, Mission Space, 4D ride, X-Scream, Soarin', Rollercoaster Simulator, Demon Drop and Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror

Gentle rides: Chocolate Making ride, Interactive Laser ride, Tree slide, Bat cave, kangaroo cave, IMAX ridefilm theatre, Noah's Ark, Astro Orbiter, Mini Paratrooper and Ball Pit

Water rides: Rafting and Water polo

Transports rides: Hollywood Trams and Garfield's nightmare

Food stalls: Food Stores, Dippin Dots, Funnel Cakes, Subs, McDonald's Food, Rita's ice, Snow Cones, Bacons, Waffles, Pancakes, Birthday Cakes, Chicken tenders, Bread Sticks, Sausage Sandwich, Double Cheeseburger and Buffaloe wings

Drink Stalls: Soft Drinks, Beer, Tea and Cocktails

Souvenires: DVDs, stuffed animals, Halloween stuff, Christmas stuff, Easter stuff, videogames stuff, zoo stuff, candy stuff, hats and t-shirts stuff,  and more souvenieres

Facilites: Ticket Offices and Restroom for Girls and Boys

Arcade/Carnival games: Fish games, Balloon And Dart, Big Six Wheel, Bingo, Birthday, Bottle Stand, Bulldozer, Cover the spot, Crazy Bike, Cross Bow Target Shoot, Fishing and Kissing Stand

Animals: Sea Lions,  More variety of Monkeys, Fishes, Penguins, Sea Dragons, dolphins, sharks, jelly fishes, posionous fishes, stingrays, crocodiles, snakes, etc

Other Rides: stingray walk through

Features: Create your stalls, create your entertainers (Disney, Nickelodeon, Videogames, etc) and more