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please add: Screamin' Swing, SAS freefall, Storm Force Log Flume, Ice Rink, 4D Digital Cinema, Spider-Man ride, X-Men Tea cups Ride, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Shark Attack Ride, Back to the future simulator, disaster tour train, Intamin Accelorator, Giant Steel Coaster,  indoor Coaster, Stand-up roller coaster, Mountain Train Coaster, interactive shooting coaster, Xtreme-spinning coaster, Guests can get to the park in cars!! and park in a carpark!, the ability to run up to 3 different parks at once, next to each other!!, connections to other parks eg. bus links, shuttle monorail, just walk or drive etc. !!, A new entertainment district!! Shops, bars, clubs, RESTAURANTS!!!!-FINALY!! etc, More animal additions, more waterpark additions eg. more slides, maybe a smaller lazy river that i could fit in a small area!!, All New peep-cam!!!-finally!! More VIPS, more staff members like room service and cleaners for hotels, bartenders 4 bars, waiters 4 restaurants etc, double stations and switch tracks for rides/coasters, new themes like movie theme, super-hero theme, winter theme and sports theme, more interactive shows like comedy acts, stunt shows involving cars, bikes etc. , more animal shows etcetc, new shops like shops selling clothes with the rct3 logo on, shops where peeps can buy photos, mini game shops like shoot out stuff where you can win free toys etc., finally some real life creations of real parks and rides lol!!, new!!-ticket offices!, a lot of new scenery!!!, RAILROAD CROSSINGS!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!, new beaches!! new climates-winter, high mountain, storm and calm, more signs and bilboards, way core customised coaster buliding, like setting the angle of the banks, inclines/declines etc and more  surprises.