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Please Add Hill/Ridge/Valley Themeing, Carnival Themeing, Wacky Worm, Music Express, Falling Star, Crazy Dance, Loop Starship, Screamin' Swing, Flight Trainer, Freefall, Witch Dance, Kamikaze, Paratrooper, Rock-O-Plane, Monster, Flying Scooter, Troika, Brayne Krave, Grand Carousel, Drunken Barrels, Rockwall Climbing, Columbia Galleon, Pirate Ship Type Transport Ride, Sky Bucket, Limousine Ride, Chevrolet Car Ride, Hollywood Tour Tram, Mad Mouse, Spinning Coaster,  Disco Coaster, Rock and Roller Coaster, Dive Coaster, Dragon Coaster, Guitar Stall, Lava Lamp Stall, Rock and Roll Dolls, Records, CDs, Tapes, Autograph Stall, Toy Limo Cars, Newspaper, Magazines, Pìneapple and Stacker