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Please add: -Tickets sale (any Name, Color, Weight, Height, etc)-Mini Twister-Double Decker, Grand and Antique Merry Go Rounds-Double-Wide and Large Size Ferris Wheels-Telecombat-Color Wheel-Crazy Worm-L-shaped and U-shaped stairs-Convoy-Basements / Cellars that can be dug around to expose the exterior walls and have external entrances and more hilly landscapes-Cellar doors that are horizontal or angled to cover stairways/entrances to basements/cellars-Attached garages on split-level houses-You Can Build Houses, Shoppings Mall, And More (Like Sims 4)- Allow Create-A-World in game- Arcade Games (Redempiton Games, Kiddie Rides, Pinballs, Air Hockeys, Billibards, and more)-Parque Rodo Themeing-Parque Battle Themeing-Cakes-Peas-Breades-Allow sinks to be placed on half-tiles-Modular showers-Glass walls-Windows without glass like the kind that are sometimes in kitchens to let people look through to other rooms-Parque De La Costa Themeing-Italpark Themeing-Terror Themeing-Real Restaurants (Mcdonalds, Burger King, Pasiva, La Cigale, Grido, etc)-Customize Billiboards for the Real Restaurants-Kamikazes-Bananas-Ducks-Televisions-Newspapers-Gooses-Dogs-Cats-Mouses-Vehicles for Merry Go Round.-DVDS-Pelicans-Toy Store-Speakers for Music -Posters-Polices-Paramedics-Fire fighters-many Vehicles for Flat Rides-Size for Rides-Apples and Many More