User blog:Sucinum/New RCT 1 scenarios!

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I am currently working on a small campaign for RCT 1 (LL), consisting of 6-10 scenarios (yet to be determinded). The first two are already done and you are invited to join a public playtesting, disguised as story: Clinch in den Coaster Castles

Even if you can't read german, there's a lot of pictures teasing the handmade landscape and my attempt to beat my own scenario. :)

About my scenarios: Even though Loopy Landscapes already offered a lot of different goals and obstacles, I really tried to come up with some new ones (or new combinations of already used ones). I also use handcrafted landscapes and will use the whole variety of imagination and design tools I have available (and try to avoid that the scenarios look like an exploded paint factory). Main focus is on interesting gameplay and a proper balancing of the difficulty, good looks are secondary but surely not ignored!

Credits to James Hughes who created a lot of RCT tools and even dusted his old laptop to update the savegame editor to 3.14 for me (be assured I will use the new feature in a scenario or two)! His site in case you didn't know it already: RollerCoaster Tycoon Technical Information Depot

Have fun reading the story and stay tuned for the release of my scenarios!

Sucinum 23:02, March 13, 2012 (UTC)