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Hi, and thanks for reading this!

I want to update readers and common visitors to this wiki as to my activities over the past few days. I haven't been here very long, but I've noticed quite quickly a lack of organization. This is a problem because if information is not properly organized, it's of little use to people looking for info, and it's difficult for editors to fix problems, since they might not know where to look. Therefore, I've done a bit of work regarding templates and categories. Here's a brief overview: 1 I created the {{Confirm}} and {{fact}} templates - they fulfill similar functions, in that they both highlight statements that need to be proven - a confirm tag requests that other members of the community state whether a stated fact is correct; the fact tag is more strict and requires an official source.

2 I've added all templates (that I can edit) into Category:Templates, since many do not presently belong in subcategories. I tried linking vaild subcategories.

3 I created Category:Articles needing improvement, and linked stubs, articles needing confirmation, articles with unsourced statements, to it.

4 I edited Template:stub, Template:stubsection and Template:Construction, so that all articles that contain those templates will be added to a special category (Category:stubs, Category:articles with stub sections, and Category:Articles needing improvement, respectively) - this was done for convenience sake - if a project were to be undertaken to clean up articles, to add information to articles, or the like, all one would need to do would be to visit the category page and all articles with the corresponding template would be listed there.

- A quick note on that - I believe that the category lists aren't kept entirely up-to-date; to my knowledge, articles that should be on that list are not yet on that list - I'll keep my eyes on it, and address it in a day or so if they haven't been automatically added yet. Oddly, if an article that should be on the category page due to a template being edited, it is immediately placed on the category page.

5 I will be working towards further template categorization.

Again, this is simply to explain some of the changes, though they should not have any major effect on most editors. I was sure not to break any of the templates I edited, so they should look and function the same as before, except where they add to categories or are added to categories themselves.

Thanks for reading