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About me

You have 3 guesses :D

If you want to hear about my pokemon acheavments and see a runescape glitch that doesn't work anymore my youtube username is Pokemon Geek Gold L

Moments after unlocking Tiny Towers my weak long hunt for a nincada ended :D

On RCT Wiki

On this website I expand (or sometimes make) pages in the Loopy Landscape Expansion Pack, but with all those unlocked I will do work with AA/CF, also I add pictures when they're missing/missing the corrners of the park. Around The begining of September I started working with the scenery pages. (Got to do something *cough* other than learn Japanese *cough* until Black and White come out :D)

So you dont have to ask


NOTE: The scenery screanshots are WAY easier when you use Purple Grid Lines insted of Grass, Sand, ect.

I use a combnation of Paint and PhotoImpact 5 Bundled Edition (It cost money but my sister instaled it and uses it) First, I take a screenshot of the game using the in game Screenshot tool and open it in PhotoImpact. If its just a screenshot of the park, I save it as a PNG File then upload it on the wiki. If its scenery I, open all the pics of the scenery on PhotoImpact use the Screanshot Button on the keybord then paste it on Paint. This step only works if you used Purple Grid Lines, You Right click on the Purple Grid Line with the eye dropper tool, Cut the entire pic, use the fill with color tool to make it white then paste and click the pic at the side where the cube dosen't have a white box around it (if you dont know what I'm talking about you will when you do this step) and repeat untill there is no more purple (Should be 2 more times) then save the pic as a 24-bit Bitmap. Finaly, open the pic PhotoImpact and save the pic as a PNG file and upload it onto the wiki.

Easier done than said... trust me... even though you parents said never trust strangers... ever... I use dot dot dot too much...