Towering Coaster

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The Towering Coaster is a coaster type that was introduced in Rollercoaster Tycoon 3's Wild! expansion. This rollercoaster has single-row 4-seat trains and a unique p-drop that is classed in-game as an inversion. It is also one of the only rollercoasters in the game able to do beyond vertical drops, alongside the Extended Coaster and

the Mini Coaster.

Special Track Elements[edit]

  • Small over-banked turn left/right
  • Large loop left/Right
  • Large helix up/down
  • Small helix up/down
  • Small loop left/right

In Real Life[edit]

This ride is based on the SBF Visa Tower Coaster, a coaster that features the same p-drop as the in-game version.